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The International Engine of the Year Awards have become one of the most sought-after automotive accolades and an effective marketing tool for triumphant marques...
Click here to find out more and to see the 2008 winners
The 21st International Conference on the Enhanced Safety of Vehicles
ESV 2009Also at Stuttgart at the same time as Engine Expo is The 21st International Conference on the Enhanced Safety of Vehicles. Click here for full information on the conference programme

A state-of-the-art facility, it has only recently opened for business but is already establishing itself as a favourite destination for exhibitors and visitors alike.… Click here for more


Exhibitor List as of 8 June 2009

Company Country Stand Website
ACTech GmbH Germany 3310 Website
adaptronic Pruftechnik GmbH Germany 3425 Website
Astremo Powertrain AG Switzerland 3436 Website
Ateliers des Janves France 3126 Website
Aumet Oy Finland 3422 Website
AVL Schrick GmbH Germany 3114 Website
AxynTeC Dunnschichttechnik GmbH Germany 3446 Website
Behineh Sabz Company Iran 3620 Website
Boegra Technologies Germany 3400 Website
Bowman Power Group Ltd UK 3600 Website
Brace Automotive France 3226 Website
Capricorn Automotive GmbH Germany 3100 Website
Cargine Engineering AB Sweden 3202 Website
CD-adapco Germany 3208 Website
Ceratizit Luxembourg s.a.r.l Luxembourg 3108 Website
Cosme Spa Italy 3217 Website
CX-Gruppe GmbH Germany 3544 + 3162 Website
Daetwyler Rubber Switzerland 3140 Website
Dr.Klose & Partner Germany 3132 Website
DTECH STEYR - Dynamics & Technology Services GmbH Austria 3307 Website
EFD Induction GmbH Germany 3501 Website
Eltro GmbH Germany 3406 Website
ETS-P Test Fuels France 3226 Website
Everest Team France 3226 Website
Fanarsazi Khavar Iran 3620
F-Diesel Power Co Ltd China 3642 Website
Fomet S.p.A Italy 3132 Website
Forj Alborz Iran 3620
FreudenburgDichtungs und Schwingungstechnik GmbH & Co KG Germany 3334 Website
Gamma Technologies Germany 3208
Ghataat Ahangari Iran 3620
Giant Lion Know How Co Ltd Taiwan 3440 Website
Global Insight UK 3336 Website
Grunewald GmbH & Co KG Germany 3332 Website
heat2power France 3304 Website
Helvoet Rubber & Plastic Technologies nv Belgium 3430 Website
hhp GmbH Germany 3510 Website
Hidria Slovenia 3204 Website
High Tech Coatings GmbH Austria 3130 Website
Hitchiner Manufacturing Co Inc France 3402 Website
Hofstetter GmbH Co Kg Germany 3442 Website
Honda R&D Germany 3008
Hutchinson - Transmission Systems France 3134 Website
Ilmor Engineering Ltd UK 3110 Website
Iran Khodro Investment Development Co (IKIDO) Iran 3620
Iranian Pavilion Iran 3620 Website
Johannes Grau Schnittmodelle Germany 3008 Website
Kamat Pumpen GmbH Germany 3318 Website
Kioti-Daedong EUROPE The Netherlands 3442 Website
Kirpart A.S Turkey 3502 Website
LS Kunststofftechnologie GmbH Germany 3530 Website
Magna Powertrain Austria 3136 Website
MALI Bodensee Steuergerate GmbH Germany 3506 Website
MAPE Spa Italy 3124 Website
Mehr Cam Pars (MCP) Iran 3620
Mehvarsazan Iran 3620
Menzolit GmbH Germany 3438 Website
Mov'eo (French Autotmotive Cluster) France 3226 Website
Nagel Maschinen und Werkzeugfabrik GmbH Germany 3002 Website
NanoFocus AG Germany 3602 Website
Neopreg AG Belgium 3122
Neuteq Europe Ltd UK 3007 Website
Niro Mohareke Iran (NMI) Iran 3620
O Stain Precision Casting Co Ltd USA 3306 Website
OMIGA Iran 3620
Optel Thevon France 3308 Website
Panhard General Defense France 3412 Website
Pattakon Greece 3141 Website
Paulstra - Oils Seals Division France 3134 Website
Peak Werkstoff GmbH Germany 3228 Website
Revolve Technologies UK 3520 Website
Rhone Alpes Automotive Cluster France 3444 Website
Rikhte Gari Aluminium Iran 3620
Rikhtegari Chodan Iran 3620
RWP GmbH Germany 3219 Website
Sapaic Industries France 3126
Scion-Sprays Ltd UK 3428 Website
Scuderi Group LLC USA 3340 Website
Seine-Maritime  Expansion France 3226 Website
Senior Automotive UK 3500 Website
Shell Casting Srl Italy 3132 Website
Shetabkar Iran 3620
SILATEC Germany 3423 Website
SM Srl Italy 3132 Website
Strojirny Poldi Czech Republic 3126
Sulzer Metco AG Switzerland 3324 Website
Sumitomo Bakelite (Barcelona) Belgium 3122
Sumitomo Bakelite Co Ltd Belgium 3122
Sumitomo Bakelite Europe NV Belgium 3122
Sumitomo North America Inc USA 3122
Tamboli Castings Limited India 3410 Website
TBL SRL Italy 4323
Tecno El Srl Italy 3413 Website
Ticona GmbH Germany 3120 Website
Titeflex Corporation USA 3601 Website
TM4 Canada 3213 Website
Touseeh Omran Shahrestan Khomein Iran 3620
Trijekt GmbH Germany 3006 Website
Vyncolit Belgium 3122 Website
Winsert Inc USA 3408 Website
Yataghan Bosh Iran Iran 3620
Zeon Europe GmbH Germany 3512 Website
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Preliminary Forum Program

Conference ProgrammeThe 2009 Preliminary Open Technology Forum program is now available.

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16th June 2009 10.00 - 17.00
17th June 2009 10.00 - 17.00
18th June 2009 10.00 - 15.00
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New at Engine Expo 2010!
Electric & Hybrid Pavilion With the drive to reduce emissions continuing to gather pace, electric and hybrid technologies are moving closer to centre stage. In 2010 Engine Expo will host the first Electric & Hybrid Pavilion!
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